Which Type of Lawyer Is Right For Your Case?

An ideal lawyer will not just have a string of impressive credentials or gold lettering on his own door. He or she will not only be caring, concerned but will also be tirelessly devoted to their work. You need to think carefully before trusting a lawyer because your life, future, money, and properties will depend on that person’s hands.

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Things to lookout for in pursuing a Law Career

A career in law is a very rewarding path but it often takes a lot of hard work to reach. It is not without its downsides though, which is more straining to a person that you think. David Bjornson explains some things that you should look out for in pursuing a law career:

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Do’s and Don’ts for Lawyer


  • Every lawyer must have a business plan because a lawyer that “Fails to plan is planning to fail.”
  • A lawyer must remember that the client is the first priority. Without the client, there is a less reason for a lawyer to exist.
  • Lawyers must sell solutions to clients rather than to sell time as expressed in billable hours. Clients don’t mind how long it takes to find solutions, but they want to know their problems are solved.
  • Lawyers must familiarize and recognize technology. E-mails, blogs, voice mails and cell phones  cannot replace personal interactions as a virtual interactions with their clients.
  • Working with a mentor can help a lawyer’s achieve business and practice success more quickly than they can on their own.


  • Don’t guess, The lawyer’s responsibility is to give the facts and not to try to figure out what might happened. Even if it makes you feel stupid to say it, sometimes “I don’t know” is the right answer, a fortune teller is different from being a lawyer.
  • Don’t consider technology as a threat. Law firms should partner with their clients and show them how they use technology to reduce their legal costs by reducing the amount of necessary labor. Don’t be too quick to dismiss a new technology that may seem too “techy” or unnecessary.
  • Don’t try to be funny, unless you are actually a Clown. There are few reasons for not even trying. Most obviously, not everyone has the same sense of humor; some people (and there are judges in this category) doesn’t have humor at all.  Your words will be taken down by a court reporter to be read later.
  • Avoid being distracted, Give a super strict and guarded attention to the questions being asked. If your attention roams, you could make mistakes or misunderstand.
  • Don’t answer a question you don’t understand. If a question is vague or compound or assumes something that isn’t true, you have the right to have the question restated or rephrased.


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What is Legal Process Outsourcing?

What is Legal Process Outsourcing? There is a growing trend in the legal profession where some legal processes such as litigation support, contract drafting, contract review, etc. is being outsourced to companies that offer LPO. Legal process outsourcing(LPO) is an alternative to traditional methods of doing legal processes where in, they outsource legal processes to professionals outside of the country. Some places where law firms and legal departments outsource to is India, Korea, Philippines, and many more countries in the east. The growing trend of LPO has given rise to new and uncertain companies that offer the same LPO services to the legal departments and law firms.
There is a difficulty in choosing the type of LPO service that a client may choose from considering the questionable professionalism of outsourcing. It is not safe to assume that this type of business is safe to transact in. Nevertheless, there are legitimate LPO companies out there but it’s better to be aware of the risks and regulations that come with availing these services. The law firms and legal departments should be aware of the responsibilities and the possible ethical regulations that they will break when sharing the sensitive information of their clients.

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3 Tips to Become a Better Lawyer

Lawyers are like wine, they get better through time with constant practice and actual experience. As young lawyers, confidence in practicing law doesn’t exactly follow after getting your degree or passing the bar. In a cut-throat world that is the law profession, to be the best among the best means constantly honing the right skills, focusing on your career path and keeping a positive attitude towards the profession.

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