3 Tips to Become a Better Lawyer

Lawyers are like wine, they get better through time with constant practice and actual experience. As young lawyers, confidence in practicing law doesn’t exactly follow after getting your degree or passing the bar. In a cut-throat world that is the law profession, to be the best among the best means constantly honing the right skills, focusing on your career path and keeping a positive attitude towards the profession.


Here are three tips you can make use of to become a better lawyer.


Be a better Legal Writer


Legal Writing is basically the English language of the legal profession. Mastering the technicalities that make up the practice: from legal analysis, to legal rights and duties, is integral for a lawyer to actually understand and resolve a client’s legal matter.


The reality, however, is not all lawyers are effective writers, much so a legal one. As legal drafting is a very structured method of writing that can be intimidating to the uninitiated, doing well in your letters, emails, articles or court submissions can make a difference between a mediocre lawyer and a great one.


Expand your Professional Network


As they say, every profession nowadays is dependent not only on what you know but also on who you know. This much is true for the legal profession wherein building a professional network would mean having a steady clientele and an endless stream of strings to pull when the situation calls for it.


Doing business in this day and age is more personal. Establishing real-world as much as online connections matter, so make sure your LinkedIn and social media profiles resonate with your brand. As much, it would always pay to attend old school conventions, parties, and conferences where important people from your profession will surely be present.


Develop Personal and Wellness Habits


A promising lawyer with all the skills and professional connections can only go so far before occupational burnout. Thus, keeping track of habits that will make your work a part of you instead of a chore requires a lot of mind-conditioning. The law profession could take its toll, so it’s best to care not only of your career but likewise your health and wellness. Remember that a happy lawyer is a successful one. 

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