Things to lookout for in pursuing a Law Career

A career in law is a very rewarding path but it often takes a lot of hard work to reach. It is not without its downsides though, which is more straining to a person that you think. David Bjornson explains some things that you should look out for in pursuing a law career:


Pursuing a law career involves a lot of work hours, a lot of research, and a lot of critical thinking, which are all necessary to become a lawyer. You will have little time to recharge, but always find the time to cope with your stress. Eat healthy and find pleasure in your leisure time.

Work time

A lawyer usually works 50-80 hours per week which involves irregular working hours and constant client calls. Many lawyers complain that there is no balance between their work and social life because of the busy schedules that they have.


Becoming a lawyer is expensive with having over an accumulated student loan of $125 000. Lawyers would need six figure salaries in order to overcome student loans. Becoming a lawyer may be a burden and it’s no longer a certainty that lawyers will be financially stable.

Dealing with clients

It can not be avoided that there are clients that differ from your moral standards and it won’t be as satisfying to win a case compared to a client with whom you enjoy working with. You can’t avoid these situations and there is very little you can do to ease yourself from the stress.

Technological Advancements

With the present technological advancements, lawyers must learn new technical skills that involve the use of computer software. Some of the needed skills for new lawyers are learning how to use word processors, document reviewers, tools for management, spreadsheets, billing software and etc. There are also some non-lawyers who have learned to replace lawyers in delivering legal services which are more efficient and cheap.

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