Separating Myths and Facts in Law

Lawyers are in court every day – MYTH

Barristers in family or criminal law stay in the court during most days. Practitioners and Solicitors in other areas may only appear in court occasionally, while some of the lawyers may never need to.

All lawyers wear robes and wigs.  – MYTH

Those Horsehair wigs look itchy, but not all lawyers wear wigs and robes. This is only derived in British legal dramas, but it is not the must-be attire of all the legal professions. Solicitors are unlikely to appear in court in this manner and many barristers in commercial areas of law will have no need to wear wigs and robes unless the court has a special requirement to do so.

All judges bang hammers in the courtroom – MYTH

The hammers or gavels that are so popular with TV courtroom judges are NOT used in some places such as England and Wales.

You don’t need a law degree to become a lawyer – FACT

You can study any degree before moving into law and be just as successful. If you don’t study law as your first degree though, you will need to undertake a one-year conversion course as well.You can also become a lawyer without going to university.

Lawyers attend lots of meetings and conferences – FACT

Are you a big fan of caviar and champagne? Well, tough. Solicitors are unlikely to get such luxuries at meetings and conferences these days–much of the client and public interaction in a firm now takes place during daytime training sessions or after-work meetings. You’re likely to get all the cups of cold tea that you want, though.

A Lawyer Cannot Discuss Your Case With Anyone – FACT

This means that your lawyer is prohibited from discussing your case with anyone else, even if you make a full confession. One of the only exceptions to this rule is if you disclose plans to harm yourself or someone else; under these circumstances, a lawyer is obligated to alert authorities.

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