The Lawyer: Answers You Need

David Bjornson answers common concerns in hiring a lawyer. There aren’t many situations where the law doesn’t come into play to some degree or another. Whether it’s driving to work, taking care of your family, choosing which hobbies and interests to pursue, or simply living your life; law surrounds you. In some cases most of them may hinder you from accomplishing what you want to do. This certainly doesn’t mean that you want to become a criminal; it just means that when the law touches every aspect of your life, things can get tricky. These are the reasons why lawyers can be beneficial at any kind of situation.

Here are some answers to some common concerns:

Self Representation

In most fields of the law, you are allowed to represent yourself rather than hire a lawyer. However, there are a few instances where this is the best choice. If you are defending yourself or bringing a case to a small claims court, you will be expected to represent yourself. However, in most legal situations, you would be far better off by obtaining an attorney or at least seeking out some legal advice. Keep in mind that the system will hold you to the same standard they hold a professional attorney should you choose to represent yourself. Without the education and experience, is this really a standard you can withstand?


One of the main issues that keep people from hiring a lawyer is the cost. While this is certainly a legitimate concern, it isn’t always as pressing as one might imagine. There are many legal aid services available that can help you afford an attorney depending on your financial situation. Furthermore, the law states that you must be appointed a public defender if you cannot afford to hire a defense attorney. If you want to bring forth a civil suit, many attorneys will be willing to work for a contingency fee, meaning they get paid out of the settlement.


There are as many law firms out there as there are branches of the law. When it comes time to choosing one, how do you make your choice? It takes some research and you should be ready to meet with several before you decide whom to hire.

Despite all three key points, it is important that you find yourself a lawyer who you can get along with and is someone who listens to your concerns. Who you need is someone who will address your concerns when you have a conversation, because the more collaborative your relationship is with your attorney, the more likely it is that the partnership will be a success.


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